VA National Committeewoman to RNC

                                                                                                                                                                                       December 28, 2015


Honorable Virginia Republican Leaders:

I am humbled by the outpouring of support from so many leaders from across our Commonwealth since formally announcing my candidacy December 15th to run as Virginia’s Republican National Committeewoman to the RNC. Most importantly I am proud to have received the full support and endorsement of our outgoing RNC Committeewoman, Kathy Hayden. Kathy Hayden has served us with great distinction and commitment. Her recognition as a conservative voice on the RNC has helped cement Virginia's leading role in shaping our Party. I shall do everything I can to honor her service and continue her leadership.

Additionally, I am honored to have the endorsements of other strong Conservative leaders from across the Commonwealth. Those in my own back yard include stalwart leaders such as: Senator Bill Stanley, State Central Committee Member Chris Shores, State Central Committee Member Peyton Knight, State Central Committee Member Travis Witt, and former State Central Committee member Scott Sayer.

These leaders recognize the disconnect that exists between party bosses who control the levers of power at the RNC and someone who has spent a lifetime as a grassroots activist.

At a young age I was shaped by my parents and their conservative values and tested on the campaign battlefield while helping in their campaigns for Assoc. Circuit Judge and the Missouri State Senate. It was their guidance and this experience that prompted me as a high school student to join the Reagan Revolution, and I was selected to serve as a Youth Delegate to the 1980 Republican National Convention.

While I was a student at Regent University School of Law I volunteered on Pat Robertson's 88 Presidential Campaign, engaging me in Virginia and in National politics.

In my campaign for the Texas State Board of Education I had a district twice the size of a congressional district and I carried all 16 counties, including my opponent’s home county. In that capacity I was able to zealously defend the principles that are the foundations of our Republican Party. This experience forged me as a leader of our Party, and someone with a proven track record of being an unwavering voice of truth and liberty in the face of strong liberal opposition.

After leading the charge on the Texas State Board of Education to defend our values and protect the integrity of our nation’s history, I was recruited to join the Law School at Liberty University. While at Liberty I continued to support and promote the Republican platform and its underlying principles. I have branched out beyond the routine methods of growing the party to implementing cutting edge mobilization including educating the voting populace on our Constitutional Republic, training students to draft sample legislation to work through the House of Delegates, and recruiting, training and supporting the next generation of conservative leaders.

My work as an outspoken Conservative Republican has earned me the respect of the right, and the ire of leftist media and activists such as the New York Times, London Guardian, Keith Olbermann, and Right wing watch, making me a known national figure in the political arena. Respected national conservative leaders know me. But what I wear as a bigger badge of honor is that I am equally known by the liberals who fear me.

As I drive across the Commonwealth, I am humbled to have the support of so many in our Party. For those of you not yet on board, I hope to have the honor of earning your support and your vote in the upcoming 2016 Virginia Republican Statewide Convention.

We are facing a crucial time in our nation’s history and the ideals and principles we hold dear as Republicans must be advanced for the sake of our future. I have a documented record of not only unwaveringly aligning with these ideals, but also being an outspoken leader effectively championing measures that restore our nation to its greatness. The days in which we find ourselves require more than country club Republican rhetoric; we must select leaders whose mettle has been tested on heated battlefields and who have emerged victoriously. I am such a leader, and I pledge to you I will lead, never follow.

For the sake of our Republican Party, our Commonwealth, our Nation and our future, I earnestly seek your support.

Cynthia Dunbar

   Dec. 15, 2015


My Fellow Virginia Republicans:

I humbly request your support to be your National Committeewoman of Virginia. I’m honored to currently serve as Virginia state co-Chair for the Ted Cruz Campaign.  It is my desire to be a strong voice for Virginia and a trusted partner for our National Committeeman, Morton Blackwell.

I am a lifelong Republican.  I am dedicated to our party and its principles. The daughter of both a State Senator and a Judge, my formative years were spent on the campaign trail for both of my parents. After graduating from Regent University School of Law I was an active party worker. Republicans recruited me to run for the Texas State Board of Education.  This elected public office encompassed 16 districts and 1.5 million constituents – twice the size of a Congressional district. I became a national voice to preserve of our Constitutional Republic and defend its founding principles.

As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker and church family member I’ve lived through life’s joys and sorrows, and my life lessons have made me a strong fiscal, social, and defense Conservative. I know life is all about faith, family and freedom.  These very principles led me to choose to become a Virginian.  When I chose to relocate to Virginia to teach at Liberty University, a lifetime of study and passion for our founding principles drew me to come home to the birthplace of our great nation.  Virginia birthed America and her principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  It is my deep desire and wish to keep Virginia as she is, and always has been, the home for lovers of liberty. 

My unwavering support for America and all Americans compels me to reclaim what made this nation great. Virginia led the Nation at its founding. It’s time for Virginia to lead the way again.  I promise to be the clarion voice of truth Virginia deserves.  With your help the Republican Party can, and shall, restore America.

Cynthia Dunbar      ★     ★